The Munro Blagger

14 02 2010

Not been to the top of this hundreds of times!

283 Scottish mountain tops, named after the guy who logged them. Out there in all their glory just waiting to be almost ticked!
Here’s where I come in.
Starting this week, or possibly next, or whenever I can get a spare minute, I’m gonna set about almost getting to the top of every bloody one of them. Not doing the Munros is going to be my biggest challenge to date, hopefully some friends will come along to keep me company as I strive against the elements and clickity clack of Leki poles to get to within touching distance of the summit cairn only to sit down, have my lunch and turn around and head back to the car!
I may even have to learn how to use a map and compass! yikes!
This is where I’ll keep you posted on all my glorious failures. So, all words of encouragement are greatly appreciated and any derogatory comments should at least be amusing!
Cant wait to almost complete my first!
Post it soon!
The Munro Blagger



2 responses

14 02 2010
Peter Polis

Dear Robert, I believe you have almost got to the top of one already! Sunday the 7th of Feb, I heard a rumour that you were almost at the top of Stob Coirie Nam Beith in Glencoe. Although not a munro itself, its joined onto one called Bidean Nam Bein. This is the biggest munro in Argyll, and almost being on it by being near to the top of a hill thats joined to it, is a bloody amazing feat! So jolly well done.

PS if you almost get to the top of it again can you keep an eye out for my deadman.


15 02 2010
Tony Dorrington

You should come out with me, I nearly get to the top of a lot of Munros.

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