One down 282 to go!

22 02 2010

What a view!!!


Thursday the 18th February 2010, two days after my 48th Birthday and a new venture begins! 

Started work at 7.00am and, from my window I can normally see Ben Lomond. Not today, mist and clag hid it from my view, but I knew it would clear later and decided to pack my gear and go for a wee walk. Half twelve I jumped in the car and headed towards Rowardennan. Drive to the end of the road until you can go no further, park the car and find the path I was told, “ye canny miss it!”. Famous last words! Dont know if it was the excitement of not doing my first Munro or just eagerness to almost get to the top then get off and home to see wee Louie, but, I missed the main tourist path! 

A fortunate mistake as I later found out! Took the Ptarmigan path which was a great wee walk and gave fabulous views across to the Cobbler and down Loch Lomond. As the afternoon cleared a great view of the top appeared as I rounded a small crag on the hillside. It was plastered in snow, but then again I knew that as I have seen it all week from my window. Nonetheless, a beautiful sight framed against a crisp blue sky. 

Found this on the way down! so glad I did!


Got some good pictures on the way up and was just thinking that my phone had been awfy quiet when a call came in from work. I tried to answer it, and the bloody thing froze! iPhones, who’d huv them eh? No matter what I pushed or prodded, nothing. Great, just bloody great! Anyway, I thought, onwards and upwards. I dropped down over a small prow and headed for slanting snowy ridge which headed upwards. From here I could see the tourist path I should have taken and some bodies making their way laboriously to the top. Halfway up the snow slope as it began to level out, i thought, this’ll do and i sat down and had my veggie pieces! 

And as I looked out across to the snowy Cobbler, i thought “would not mind not doing this Munro again some time, wouldn’t mind in the least!” 

One down and 282 to go! A long journey starts with a small step.




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