Climbing on Arran (nae Munros)

23 08 2010

Went climbing with Eric and Kenny on Arran. Early Ferry across, breakfast and coffee on board ready for the long walk into Glen Rosa to Chir Mhor (spelling??). In the absence of the Edinburgh University Mountaineering Club, we managed to get onto Sou’ Wester Slabs pretty quickly and headed up with two half ropes. Kenny led pitches one and two and I did the 3 tier chimney although it took me about 20 minutes to even get off the ground. Sadly my indoor climbing technique was a stranger to the Arran Granite hand jamb manoeuvre which was required to get my short arse off the deck and into a position where I could smear on the blocks on either side to allow me to reach the hold above. Got it eventually and just about managed to extract my arm from the granite without too much blood.

First two pitches are wonderful, 3 tier chimney is a wee bit out of character for the culmination of the climb.

Headed back along Glen rosa to catch the ferry, managed to get a bus along the way which helped my weary legs. Heres some pictures.

Pitch one on South Western Slabs

Faffing at the first belay

Kenny on pitch 2




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