Summit avoidance – a beginners guide.

23 09 2010


Pinnacle Ridge


For those wondering what Summit Avoidance or Munro Blagging is, I thought I’d just add a wee update to the blog to explain.

Basically its all about not doing all the Munros. I have begun to avoid getting to the top of all of them. This year, I’ve managed to fit in a bit of scrambling and climbing whilst getting perilously close to the top of some of the best mountains in Scotland, and I intend to continue not ticking them all off until I have almost been to the top of all of them.

I’ve had great fun so far with good company and a fair share of laughs along the way as would be expected.

So if you happen to be on Skye next year, about to set up the InPin and you see a guy stopping 10 feet from the top to have his veggie sandwiches, then abseiling off, that’ll be me – or some other summit avoider!

Happy Blagging, more updates soon.

The Munro Blagger




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