Beinn Narnain and Beinn Ime (double figures)

3 10 2010

Into double figures now, but what a slog! Nae mates this time so had to do it on ma tod.

All I can say is thanks dog that it’s over. Kinda enjoyed Ben Narnain but Ben Ime was as poor as I can remember it when I went winter climbing many years ago with Eric. A horrible featureless lump of shite.

Anyway, got to the top of Narnain via the approach from Arrochar. Followed the usual path up the dam then cut right to pick up the direct path up onto the “ridge”. Went a wee bit off route at the boggy plateau and found myself climbing a steep water riven grassy corner, doing some gardening on the way up with grass and heather handholds and shitey, slippery grass foothold. Picked up the path proper and made my way up the “spearhead”. Headed up spearhead gully and almost landed at the top without noticing. Phew!

Narnain summit in the distance

A couple of things to say here guys. On the way up, I could not get Big Country out of my head thanks to Pete and Colin McClements, and I must have sounded like some sort of Eighties Tourette’s sufferer scrambling up the grass shouting Sha! every minute! Thanks a lot!

Also, I got to almost the summit and called Pete to let him know where I was. Reminded me of a moment on The Aggy ridge earlier in the year, which I’m sure you know nothing of bud but I was quite amazed at how much of an effect it had on me at the time, but I said nothing. Pete has a great habit of calling his Dad when were out just to let him know how we’re doing. I think its great, and I know Petes Dad would love to be with us and is always keen to hear how we are doing and that we are ok. Anyway, as we parked our arses just below the summit of the first Munro on the Aggy, Pete pulled out his iPhone, tapped the screen a couple of times and up came the word “Dad”, he hit it and it rang. “Hi Dad…..” and he chatted for a couple of minutes.

Like a sledge-hammer it hit me. I don’t have “Dad” on my phone. I don’t have “Mum” either.

For all of you who are lucky enough to have “Mum” & “Dad” in your address book, use the numbers well and frequently. You are a lucky bunch.

I digress.

Took a couple of photographs and headed down to the bealach to where Ben Ime starts. Clag and mist were in abundance, and you will excuse me if I avoid much of the description of getting almost to the top of Ben Ime. It was a shitty plod up a soggy bog in clag and mist. I never want to be there again.

Ben Ime – Face says it all.

Headed back down towards the Cobbler and the Narnain Boulder path. On the way down, met a couple of wee dogs running mental on the path and an anguished owner chasing them and trying to get on them on leads. “Sorry” she said “They see strangers and they just run after them”. They were gorgeous.

I stopped at the Narnain Boulders to finish my chocolate. Remembered Elvis and me last year in the snow at the same spot and managed a smile.

I think I need company on my next excursion.

Headed down to the car.

Sore legs again tonight.

Getting there though!





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