Ben Vane

25 10 2010

View of The Cobbler from Vane

Ben Vane on my own on Sunday.

Drove to the car park at Loch Sloy power station. Got changed, walked up to almost the top and walked back down again via the dam at Sloy.

Job done.

Not much more I can say really.

Not a lot happened.

Had a great time!

Munro bagger on the top, Munro blagger almost on top.

Learned two things on my visit, one from a nice guy I met on the way up and one thing from a twat in the coke and crisps garage.

Lesson 1
Guy from Dunoon was walking up Ben Vane with his partner when I caught up with them and chatted for ten minutes. Apparently if you count four pylons down from the Sloy dam, there is a wee pile of boulders marking the start of the path up to Ben Vorlich. He’s right, found it on my way back down.
Lesson 2
Whilst picking up my customary coke, crisps and snickers at the halitosis garage, there’s a guy comes in at my back while im getting served and shouts at the “attendant” (i use the term very loosely), “Whit wans the diesel?”
“Whit?” says the ‘attendant’.
“Whit pumps the diesel wan?” says the guy.
“Hod oan” says the attendant “I’m servin this guy”.
I feel honoured that I have her full attention, pay for my stuff, take my change and turn to walk out. As I open the door to leave, I hear the guy saying “Whit pump is the diesel wan?” again, followed by “See cars, see whit I know aboot cars, ye could write it on the back e a stamp”.
“If you could write” I think to myself.
And then I think “Is it actually possible to pass a driving test without knowing which pump delivers diesel?”
It must be!
More soon!



One response

1 02 2014

I did that one on my own as well – my mate set off with me, got to the foot of the really steep bit (more or less the bottom), said “F*** that, I’m not going up there” and buggered off! Charming eh

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