Stob Ban and another one in the Mamores

6 11 2010

Peter on Stob Ban Summit


Last Sunday (sorry for the delay in posting) I managed to avoid 2 summits. Stob Ban and Mullet and Coriander (Eng. pronunc.). Peter managed to “tick” (whatever that means) another Munro as he hadn’t managed to de Stob Ban previously.
We had planned on doing Ben Hoonly, but thankfully Pete had a change of heart on Saturday night and saved me that fate till another day. So, a good day for both of us with results achieved in both camps.
Not too much to say about it as it was a pretty dull plod, however, some beautiful views of the Ben and the halfway Lochan across Glen Nevis and some nice views back into the Aggy Ridge made the day worthwile.
Wee Jake came with us and was a star as usual. Managed to avoid the previous mistake of wearing Jakes coat for him by relegating him to the back seat on the way up. Wee soul.
Lowlight of the day was the miserable plod back down from Mullet and Coriander where you are diverted from the normal route down a new track and into the forest. The track, although steep and loose in places was ok, however the quagmire that leads through the forest was abysmal! I never ever want to be there ever again. I said ever! Poor wee Jake was attached to me on his lead, and we coughed and spluttered our way through the path, me slipping and sliding and falling on my arse, and poor Jake tailing behind and seeming to take the wrong route around every tree stump and root branch on the way. Every ten feet the lead would go tight and I’d turn around to see jake looking at me apologetically as the lead went tight around each obstruction.
As we got to the opening in the forest Pete had caught up with us and shouted “You should have let him off the lead!, he’s fine in the forest, theres nae sheep”. Ta Pete.
Anyway, another 2 done.

That'll be Mullet and Coriander then.

No idea what the next one will be, having a break for a couple of weekends.

However, no matter what it is next, you can count on me to:
a) Avoid the summit.
b) Provide you with a perfectly understandable Munroblagger pronunciation of the hill.
Happy Blagging!



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