Time to kick start the summit avoidance

18 04 2011
The Matterhorn from the Zmutt valley

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Ok, so its been some time since my last piece of summit avoidance I know, but there’s been a lot happening and this big boy project is by no means fizzing out in front of your eyes.

I intend to get back out there soon making my best attempt at almost getting to the top of all our hills. I almost made it out at the weekend, but apathy set in and a lack of companionship struck the final nail. As a result I had an early night on Saturday night and an early rise on Sunday morning which allowed me to catch a pair of blue tits viewing our bird box as a potential nest. After a quick inspection they set off and we havent seen them since. They’ll be back.

Anyway, whats been going on since my last “tick” you ask, well I’ve manged to get a replacement for my beloved Elvis, get a band together with old buddies, get a slot at a local Radio Station (www.pulseonair.co.uk) and develop severe knee pains which require me to use Leki poles.

The dog first, I saw him at the Cat & Dog Home on Hogmanay and fell in love with him straight away. He was lame and after talks with the guys at the PDSA, it was concluded that amputation of his leg was the best course. I bowed to their judgement and booked him. He went through his operation and I picked him up after loads of pestering from the kids. He’s fabulous and we love him to bits. Don’t know if he’ll be a “climbing dog” like Elvis, but I’m sure he’ll join us on a few hills over the piece.

Dennis the Tripawd

Re the music and band stuff, well I’m just really enjoying it its great fun.

I’ve had a few trips out on the hills over the winter trying to get some climbing done, but weather conditions werent great by recent years standards and a lot of long walk ins for he haw was the order of the winter. Our timing just seemed top be crap everytime we went out. Theres always next year.
Talking of which, my fiftieth. Next year I’m fifty. If I reach it, and there is some reason for doubt, I’m planning on doing the Hornli Ridge on the Matterhorn.
Hopefully with some mates, and a few have shown interest already. That being the case, I best get fit for it. Time to get out on the hills and crags again.
Had a nice wee night the other night with Pete paddling in the local puddle. Lovely puddle all the same.
Speak soon.
Keep you posted.
The Munro Blagger



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1 02 2014

I used to feed a stray 3-legged dog when I was a kid – it was the fastest dog I ever saw! Mind you, it was part-whippet…

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