Munro number ?? Ben Finniloiadh, Glen Etive

8 09 2011

Pete and his Dad at the top, me, as close as i need to be.


So, off we set on Sunday for a wee walk up another hill.

Petes dad Tony tagged along to stretch his legs, and like me and Pete, he was in need of a bit of fresh air as his outdoor activities had taken a back seat recently. So it was with a positive attitude and sense of enthusiasm that we set off at about 7.00am heading for Glen Etive. A quick stop at the halitosis garage for my food for the day – nothing in the fridge at home – and off we went armed with prepacked sandwiches, a snickers duo, McCoys and two bits of fruit.

Pete had picked this hill as it was the culmination of the range in the area for him apparently. He had previously failed on this hill due to torpor and poor team selection, and was now looking at making it on his second attempt.

Weather was perfect, midges were out at the car park but dispersed as we entered the forest track, and all looked ideal for the day. A nice walk through the forest sees you arriving at the rather boggy valley at the bottom of the big lump we were going to ascend. a left turn and down to the wee burn via the sodding marsh found us crossing the bridge which consisted of a couple of telegraph poles held together by strategically placed corrugated iron sheets. The bridge was too high for Pete without a harness, so he waded through the burn while Tony and I skipped easily across the ramshackle bridge.

Up towards the bealach via the burn with a steepening of the path, Tony was now rueing the lack of practice as his pace slowed. I waited at the bealach wishing they would hurry up as I was now in need of a bowel movement. The stomach cramps had been aching most of the way up. I put it down the to egg mayo prepacked sandwich I had in the car. My system not used to dairy product for some weeks now. They caught up, rested, moved on and I dug out the bog paper hurriedly anticipating an incident. Relief!

With the job(by) done, and all things in the world now appearing so much better, I moved on to catch them.

Pete and Tony with Loch Etive in the background


At this point the path takes a route along the side of the hill to another bealach, where there is a short rocky path to the top. We decided to ditch our bags and collect them and our lunch on our return.


And that was it, no real adventures, no real mishaps, just a lovely day in the hills. A hill with some spectacular views as Pete said.

And well done Tony, not bad timing for someone out of practice.

We retired to the Kingshouse for a pint and then home.

Looking forward to avoiding my next summit.

Here are some pictures from almost the top!


The Munro Blagger


Wonderful view!















From almost the top, as always!




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