Stob a Choire Mheadhoin and Stob Coire Easian ….. another two not done!

3 12 2011

Ok, this is really bad but I’m losing count now and im only into double figures! Not only am I losing count, I may also be losing interest as these hills were plodded some time ago and proved to be so uninteresting that I had real difficulty in scraping the energy together to write about them. But here goes.

I managed to avoid the above two hills summits some time in November. Peter, had recently acquired a new car and was keen to “give it a good run”, so, content to be a passenger for a change, off we set early, picked up Tony (Pete’s Dad) on the way and headed for the hills. Pete seemed to know where he was going as he had been up to some of these hills before with his brother, and he was quite enjoying taking his new car for a spin.

On arrival at our destination, we found a place to abandon the car, got ourselves ready for the plod and set of. And plod it was. And a wet one. the sound of squelching boots in bog was to be the order of the day with only some minor relief on the gentle scramble up the first steepening and a small area on the summit plateau which had a scattering of rocks.

There were times, and they were many when I doubted the likelihood of me ever doing this again. I wondered, why anyone in their right mind would spend a day developing boot rot on a sodden hill which had the entertainment value of walking a treadmill with your feet in half filled buckets of water whilst carrying your lunch on your back. I had serious doubts of me ever completing this Summit Avoidance task.

However, we plodded and plodded, and only when it had sapped all the energy, and I dare say enjoyment out of the day for Tony, he decided to retire to the car and call it a day. Wise move. Pete and I plodded on.

I would love to say more about the adventure of the walk, but I cant.

Here are the summit pictures.

Pete doing the fat angel of the north on Mheadhoin

Thats the summit of Easain behind me

I do remember meeting a number of wee dogs on the route up, one with only one eye too!

Anyway, with the summits successfully avoided, we healed down to the bealach and decided to drop down into Coire Laire, follow the hill round and then drop back down to the road at the edge of Loch Treig. And again, it was a monumental plod. The only surprising thing being the lack of falls we took on such sodden and slipper ground. I went arse over tit only once indeed.

On reaching the road after a very long day, we were pleased to see that Tony had brought the car further up the road for us, a much welcome shortening of the walk!

We got changed, and drove to the Commando Bar for some food and beer. I wasnt sure if the name of the bar was some kind of indication of the dress code required and contemplated going to the toilet to remove my underpants just in case an inspection was required prior to purchasing alcohol. It wasnt necessary as apparently there is some military connection with the area. Phew!

On the way home, just as we arrived in Glen Coe, we heard a noise from the back of the car.

Hope you got the brakes fixed Pete? Just in time for Rhona to drive the car into a loch nae doubt.

Veiw from the bealach....




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