The Incompleatists progress – Beinn a’Chreachain and Beinn Achaladair 29 & 30

23 08 2014
Lochan a@Chreachain

Lochan a’Chreachain and Buachaille Etive Mor in the background

It was some time ago that I had driven to and parked at Achallader Farm for some outdoor pursuits, over 10 years ago in fact. Eric and I had set off in the hope of getting Taxus done on Beinn an Dothaidh, and as was generally case during these unpredictable winters, we had a long walk in for for nil return. So here I was again after all these years, turning off the A82 road onto the farm track which wound its way up towards the farm. However, no sooner was the cattle grid was crossed that it became apparent that the road to the Farm was shut – well not exactly shut, but it was clearly marked that “Unauthorised vehicles were not permitted” and a gate and big fuck off padlock hanging from it was the warning to anyone  hoping to save a half a kilometer of walking. So i parked at the new car park the land owner has kindly fashioned for us outdoorsies and got myself set to go.

The guide had said 6-8 hours, so in my own conceited way i assumed that as I had done the last route in 15 minutes under the best time in the book, I should easily do this in 6 hours. Assume nothing Bobby.

The walk along the meandering burn was pleasant enough, although I was almost thwarted by an boggy em-passe which the local cattle had taken to congregating around as I arrived. After much cursing and frightening of the cows, i managed to get across it relatively dry. This was to be the story of the day, this and the apparently unending trudge of one foot after another in the pursuit of anther two summits avoided. The walk finally found its way along to the old farm ruin of Tom nan Grodh, and as i stopped to take some pictures i wondered when Tom and Nan left the farm to the weather and nature and set up the Grohd household somewhere else, and what indeed became of them? I wondered not for long as I had my Incompleatist head on and a mission to complete (incomplete).

Tom nan Grodh Farm ruin

Tom nan Grodh Farm ruin

The path then meandered along the side of the Water of Tulla and about 2km along the path there was sign!

A Sign!

A Sign

I followed this down to the “bridge”. Oh Dear! Not a chance.

The "Bridge".....

The “Bridge”…..

A rather precarious water crossing ensued, fearful of getting my feet soaked in knee high fast moving water I tippy toed across the rocks awaiting the inevitable slip and soaking to follow. However, I can only thank the wonders of Vibram soles and Walking Poles (there’s a lyric there!) which did the job for me and before long I was across the other side. I found a very indistinct path, and not sure if it was the path or a goat track, i followed it anyway. It took me to the tunnel under the railway bridge, and, watching my head as the guide advised and the situation required i stooped and made my way through passing the sheepskin rug which lay on the floor quite majestically and welcoming, a remnant of an accident some time ago no doubt. Poor animal.

The sheepskin floored underpass

The sheepskin floored underpass

From now, it was uphill all the way, until of course, it was then down hill all the way. I plodded on, in this relentless plod. The sight of the Lochan and a chance meeting with a lovely chap called Brian lifted my spirits as did some of the views on the ascent and descent of Beinn Achaladair

Some pictures:

Beinn Achaladair

Beinn Achaladair

Finding Your Feet and MunroBlagging

Finding Your Feet and MunroBlagging

The Buachaille

The Buachaille

Well, another 2 done. That’s 30 now. I need to do around 2 a week now to make my target. My encouragement and motivation is my pal Corinne. Corinne’s story can be found here . I will be doing this for her charity and any donations would be greatly appreciated. I will be setting up a Just Giving page shortly and don’t worry you’ll hear about it. She is an inspiration.

Took me 8 hours dead to do it, which just shows you, don’t overestimate your own ability. See you soon.

Why bag them when you can blag them?




2 responses

24 08 2014

ffs Bobby – – I’m crying like a baby – haven’t got much but I’ll find something

2 09 2014
Bobby Motherwell

That’s very kind, I’m setting up a just giving page which I will be posting on this blog. Thanks for reading.

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