OK Pop pickers, a late entry in at number 35! Aonach Mor!

8 09 2014
Stuart on Golden Oldie

Stuart on Golden Oldie

It must be old age. I forgot I that I had actually not got to the top of this one. Its no real surprise these days as I regularly walk into the bathroom and forget whether I’m in for a shit or a shave, which in itself isn’t really a conundrum as I don’t shave. But you get my drift.

Anyway, how could i forget to include this, a glorious day with Peter and Stuart, early climbers Gondola, beautiful walk in which gave great views of Carn Dearg Meadhonach (another route I need to include as part of an attempt at Carn Mor Dearg). Route finding wouldn’t prove difficult, it was Start finding that proved difficult. Having established what looked like a start, we headed up. Peter was suffering from pains in his knees and urged us to go on without him and he would catch us at the cafe in the top of the gondola later. Stuart and I pushed on. I wasn’t convinced we were on a route, never mind Golden Oldie – our chosen route for the day.

With the winter conditions thinning, there was a fair bit of snowed up rock for us to encounter, we moved quickly and unroped, Stuart taking everything in his stride. Well done Stu! A truly memorable mountain day (which I had forgotten) in good company and stunning views.

Ben nevis from Aonach Mor

Ben nevis from Aonach Mor

I only now wish I had the energy, as Stuart did to take the walk over to Aonach Beag, I was knackered tho’. Stuart headed over and I got chatting with a group of Irish climbers as the arrived on the top from and adjacent route. I had watched their progress up the rocky ridge and thought, “that looks like Golden Oldie they’re on”, we obviously were way off route. I was pleased then to hear one of them greet me with the comment “Saw you guys on Golden Oldie how was it today? We climbed it a few days ago and it was very good, thought we’d try something different today”.



I waited on Stuart to return from Aonach Beag, we picked up our gear and headed back to catch up with Pete at the cafe. Not one of his best days on the hills, a long walk in for nothing and a long walk back with a sair knee.

You know what they say, the mountain will still be there next year.

Towards Aonach Beag...

Towards Aonach Beag…

The cornices were unbelievable!




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