Ben More and Stob Binnein – A tough slog? not really… Number 42 and 43

15 06 2015
Looking back down to Crianlarich and Tyndrum

Looking back down to Crianlarich and Tyndrum

The night before had been most enjoyable. An evening with Warren at a charity dinner, a few glasses of wine and a couple of beers meant that I was a bit later in getting out of my bed in the morning. I had packed everything the night before anticipating the torpur which would greet me on my wakening, making it easier for me to get going in the morning and less likely that I would find an excuse. It worked, and off I set on my own once more, to avoid another couple of summits.

The weather forecast was suggesting rain coming in later in the day from the north, so my judgement was to attempt something southerly to make the most of the dry weather and high cloud. I chose Ben More and Stob Binnein simply to “get them out the road”. I have heard and read of tales of steep and relentless calf burning walking, and it did not appeal.

Surprisingly, I found it neither. I enjoyed the sharp ascent. I always find that gaining height quickly gives a far more enjoyable perspective and a feeling of some sort achievement from the off. Rather that, than a long meandering walk in to some distant hill. In no time, I reached the approaching clag and eventually the summit cairn. I spotted it, took a picture and skirted around it and the trig point. Objective achieved, I descended the path (some 300m descent) towards the bealalch between the two hills.

Ben More

Ben More

I stopped at the massive boulder which marks the Bealach Eadar da Bheinn, had an oats bar, a skoosh of water and headed up the next one.

the other one...

the other one…

With visibility extremely poor, there was nothing else for it but to get down as quickly as possible. I headed back to the bealach, then straight down the boggy track and picked up the land rover track on the east side of the burn and headed back out towards the car at a good pace.

Nothing much to report in what was a rather uneventful but nonetheless productive day. The book time said 7-8 hours. I timed it at 4hours 55 minutes. I’m either damned fit for an old bloke or somebody needs to check their stopwatch. Anyway, it meant that I could make it home in time for the Scotland match with Louie.

I’m doing this for

You’ll probably gather that by the flag……. Onwards and upwards.




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