An evening walk – 44 and 45 Meall Corranaich and Meall a’Choire Leith

21 06 2015

IMG_4578I had planned to make it an early morning one on Saturday. Get up about 3.00am and head to the far end of Ben Lawers region, park the car, get up and down and head home to get some work done on Saturday afternoon. That was the plan. With that in mind I packed my rucksac and made up some sandwiches about 8:00pm on Friday night. I went to bed about half ten. Before I even had time to drift off I got a call from Calum.

“Dad, where are you?”

“I’m in my bed, where are you?

“I’m on the train from Glasgow, can you pick me up from the station?”

So, up I got, got dressed and got my car keys. When the kids call, there’s nothing you can do but go get them. That’s what dads are for, isn’t it?

And in that moment my plans for the day were scuppered.

During breakfast in the morning, I checked the weather forecast and it looked much better later in the day. I decided to leave later and do a night time walk. If I left around 5:00pm I could be up and down and back home for around 2:00am.

I text Pete to see if he fancied a walk. He did, and so did Dennis.

We set off at 5:00pm. Left the car at 7:00pm, avoided both summits in great weather and got back to the car for 10:00pm. A bit of a bog trot, not too bad though. We followed the route described in the Paul & Helen Webster Guide and encountered some still impressive snow slopes for this time of year.

Pete and Dennis find some amusement in the snow....

Pete and Dennis find some amusement in the snow….

The first one....

The first one….

The second one...

The second one…

Looking down.....

Looking down…..

If you’re new to this, I don’t go to the top. I go nearly to the top. I have been to nearly the top of 45 of Scotland’s munros now. I intend to do them all. Its a cantankery which only those like me can understand. bear with me please……


The Munroblagger




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