I’ve been away, but I’m back with 3 more summits avoided – 48 and counting..

6 09 2015


Its been a wee while since my last post, however in the interim I have managed another 3 avoidance excursions. Here they are:

Sgor Gaoith

On the way back from a work visit to Balvenie Distillery, i nipped up and blagged Sgor Goaith in the Cairngorms. A rather uneventful walk as it happens, had hoped for company on this walk as the Glasgow comedian Gary Little had arranged to join me the night before only to call off in the morning when he realised that it was HIS birthday and he didn’t think his girlfriend would take too kindly to him missing the meal she had organise to celebrate! Next time Gary.

Gaoith FYF

Stob Coire Sgreamhach

A soaking wet day in Glen Coe with great company, Ewan and his two boys Luke and Frazer joined me in a soaking. A wet walk up through the path leading the the crossing of the river below the zig zags, saw us coming a cropper early on as the river was in full flow and absolutely no chance of getting across (See picture at top!). We made a detour through woods on the right hand side and dropped into the Lost Valley. The famous disappearing burn was making no attempt to live up to its name, I have never seen so much water in the Lost Valley!

Lost Valley and the Disappearing Burn

Lost Valley and the Disappearing Burn

Anyway, what was looking like a wet walk into the Lost Valley turned out to be a summit attempt after all. Entirely due to the enthusiasm and fitness of my fellow walkers it has to be said.

Ewan, Luke and Fraser

Ewan, Luke and Fraser




Carn Mor Dearg

The North face of Ben Nevis from Carn Mor Dearg

The North face of Ben Nevis from Carn Mor Dearg

So, another trip to see my distillery friends in Dufftown, followed by a wee trip in to see Andy and Al at Scottish Mountain Rescue to discuss Big Hex attempts in September, found me driving west to get to the North face car park for about half three. I decided to take a walk in to look at the North Face, I figured that if I got to the CIC Hut early enough, I might even take a wee trip up to Carn Mor Dearg and blag another munro. On the walk in, just shortly after crossing the fence at the MR Car park where it meets the Alt Na Muillin I noticed a rather boggy path heading off to the left. It was apparent that it was an approach path for CMD. So I decided to take it. Always good to try something new! If I’m being honest, I had no real intention of ticking this one, it was late and I was tired – I’d been up since quarter to six. If I could see the North face in all its glory, that would be enough for me today.

And, hey presto, I made it to the top.

Nearly at the top....

Nearly at the top….

The sun setting on the way down.

The sun setting on the way down.

The North Face of The Ben

The North Face of The Ben

I arrived back at the car at 8:00 and headed home. The car broke down just south on Bridge of Orchy. Pitch dark and with no mobile signal I left the car to start walking towards Tyndrum. it was 9:15. I heard a car draw up in the lay by behind me and a very kind Aussie couple offered to drive me to Tyndrum. When I got there i called the AA and they got a truck from Lix Toll garage to come for me, take me to Killin and give me a car to get me home.

I arrived home at 1.35am having left the house at 6:00am the previous morning.

I had a beer and fell into be exhausted!




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