Life gets in the way for The Nearly Man – #53 and 54

10 05 2016

The Finding Your Feet Climbing Squad

Life gets in the way sometimes.

I have been lax recently in my munroblagging, we get distracted with all the other joys in life. I am lucky, I have a full life. I like it that way. However, it can be difficult to keep up with everything, juggling all the interests and trying to ensure that your family have the required amount of your time, and you theirs. In doing so, my munroblagging has taken a bit of a hit, but lets hope this new burst of summer weather can kick start it once more. People are depending on it. The Nearly Man needs to up his game.

So let me tell you what I’ve been doing recently and then we’ll come to the latest munro avoidance. I’ll be brief don’t worry. I have had the great fortune to be involved with the bunch folk above. Corinne has organised some FYF climbing sessions recently and it has been a great privilege to be involved in watching some great new climbers find their way up some vertical walls at the EICC at Ratho. the picture above shows us at the last session where we were honoured to have Jamie Andrew come along and get involved – I was a bit starstruck. Out of picture and due a big thank you is Phil who has a great temperament with the kids and his climbing knowledge plays a huge part in the enjoyment and learning for all of those involved. Anyway, this is my new bunch of climbing buddies and I am so lucky to be a part of this great thing. Thanks Corinne. Next one coming on Saturday at the Glasgow Climbing Centre.

It has also been a busy couple of months with my band Mildred’s Dairy album launch at Nice n Sleazy in Glasgow. Glad to say all went well and the rehearsals certainly paid off. some great support too from Dumb Instrument and Broken by Rock. Thanks to all our pals who came along.


I also had a weekend in Berlin with Arlene and Louie which was absolutely magic and also a boys motocrossing in Spain which was both scary (one of the guys broke his leg badly) and exhilarating at the same time. Will it encourage me to go out and buy a motocrosser and join Louie? who knows!

So, you get the drift, its been busy, Anyway, step back a few months to when the snow was still thick on the summits and we get to my 53rd munro which was Ben Challum. A lovely day with Ken and Sue – poor buggers waited on me at every opportunity as I blew out my arse all the way up and down. Long time since I’ve been out with them, but a good day and hopefully I’ll have a bit more in the tank next time. Here’s some pictures…..


Unfurling the flag at almost the top…..


Ken and Sue and the vista…


At the weekend, I took a walk myself to try tick another and stretch the old legs. I needed to see how much they had seized up so I opted for an easy one. Meall Ghaordaidh looked perfect, and it was. An easy day and with the signs of summer in the air and and a soft grassy approach on the ascent ever easy on the knees, it proved to be a good choice. Met a lovely guy Gareth on the way up with his two boys (I’m sure it was his son and his pal, my memory fails me most times), he was very kind to take some pictures for me to record the day and the inevitable flag unfurling. Thanks Gareth. Pictures….


Dangerously close to the top….


Gareth and the boys at the top. Well done guys!

You’ll be pleased that its brief no doubt, I’m pleased that the ball is rolling again. I have many planned for this year and it would be great to get over the 100 mark before the Finding Your Feet Gala Ball. There’s a target right there.

As you know, I’m raising money for Finding Your Feet, you can find out more by clicking the link below, and you can donate at my Just Giving Page. Thanks so much for your support.

Finding Your Feet

The Munroblagger Just Giving Page




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