Travels with Douglas: Sgorr Dhearg and Sgorr Dhonuill #55 and 56

11 06 2016

Sgorr Dhearg from Sgorr Dhonuill

On a beautiful and scorching hot Sunday, I took my brother in Law Douglas for a walk in what would reveal themselves to me, as two of the most spectacular Munro’s on the Scottish mainland.

Douglas, hadn’t been hillwalking or climbing with me ever before, in fact, I’m not sure he had ever been on the top of a Scottish Munro before, but he was with me and he kept me company and I kept him close all the way.

My brother in law Douglas was the kindest and most compassionate of men. He loved my sister with a passion and commitment which would shame most of us and was her best friend and carer for most of his life. Douglas died a couple of weeks ago, very suddenly and much too young, he left behind a devastated family who are now trying their best to move their lives forward without him.

I will miss him dearly and I regret that I never really conveyed to him just how much he meant to me. I thought about him all the way to within sight of the top of both of these glorious hills, much like the days and weeks after my mothers death, I would take her with me up North Buttress and down Curved Ridge on the Buachaille, talking to her as I climbed and settling unresolved matters, and in doing so, feeling safer in her company. I did this with Douglas today.

I stopped for a breath and a drink of water at around 2800 feet, I took my phone out and checked for a signal, four bars, I sent a text to my sister Kathleen, who was still in hospital after collapsing just after the funeral:

“Hey Sis, hope you’re ok, I’m sorry but I had to get out into the hills today for a bit of space and contemplation.I’m walking near Glen Coe. I’ve borrowed Douglas for the day. I hope you dont mind? He’s with me as i climb and we’re mulling things over. he’s good company. I’ll call you when I’m heading home, its a beautiful day. Love you. xx”

Douglas donated his organs so that other may benefit from his death. A mark of the man. I visited my sister today at home. She got a letter from the Organ Donation people: “A 50 year old man’s life has been transformed by the generosity of Douglas’s gift”.

What a wonderful man.

We had a beautiful day, Douglas and me. I love you brother.

Tell them you love them, remind them you love them, you will then have no regrets.


The view from Sgorr Dhonuill


Just short of the top of Sgor Dhearg


The Finding Your Feet flag on Sgorr Dhonuill


The beard is coming along! Most unwelcome in these conditions. I drank 3 litres of water and pee’d nane all day!


The way down


One of the stunning views on a memorable day

I do this for Finding Your Feet. I am very proud to be a part of this wonderful charity.

Love you Cor.




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