Amputee dog avoids summit for Finding Your Feet #57 Meall Buidhe

14 06 2016

Heading down for a swim

Dennis, the three legged dog walked with me to within spitting distance of the summit of Meall Buidhe. Not bad for a three legged dog. In fairness, he has had harder days on the hills, but as old age, combined with his disability begins to bring pain and tired legs, I have had to look for shorter days to take him on. Anything over 5-6 hours can be a bit too much for him.

So we went for Meall Buidhe as the book gave it a time of 3-4 hours. We did it in just over 2 hours up and down. Very easy walking and lots of heather and dried out peat-bog were ideal for his paws and joints.

We got to within the summit and unfurled the FYF flag, shared a Stoats porridge bar (his favourite is Apple and Cinnamon and he got most of it!)and headed back down to the reservoir for a well deserved swim.

I’ll be back here again to tick off its neighbour Stuchd an Lochain, I may even come back one day for another walk up this nice wee hill.


Dennis the wonder dog


Dennis the FYF flag and summit cairn




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