Two from four #58 and 59 Carn Gorm and Meall Garbh

4 07 2016


Since I last munroblagged, it’d be fair to say that a few things have happened. England extracted itself from Europe – TWICE; the PM resigned, the Leave campaigners admitted that most of their claims were bogus, Gove the lizard stabbed Boris the buffoon in the chest, Boris declined to stand in the leadership battle he had coveted for so long and ran to the hills (no pun intended) to leave someone else to sort out the mess he had inadvertently created. Some things don’t change however, as Jeremy Corbyn is still the villain of the peace, refusing to cower to the demands of those within his party who see the future much brighter if the Labour Party would just revert back to Tory Lite and in doing so become more electable (or corruptible as I prefer to put it).

On the bright side, Anna Meredith won the SAY Award for her excellent album Varmints and I have just heard today that both Nigel Farage and Chris Evans have resigned their respective posts – the twats.

So there you go, a fairly dull series of events. Talking of which, my trip to Glen Lyon.


A nice enough and pleasant walk. Weather in the glen belied the almost wintry summits. The plan was to do all four, however after avoiding the first two, the clag and wind moved in. I hunkered down, had some grub and backed into the wind. visibility dropped to about 20 feet making it impossible to get a bearing. I gave it 20 minutes to clear. It didn’t. I gave it another 10. No change. I made the decision to get off.

And as it always does, as i descended the sky slowly cleared….. very slowly.

I need to go back to do the other two. Someday soon.


I never saw a man who looked with such a wistful eye, upon that little tent of blue we prisoners call the sky.

Another two for Finding Your Feet and the Munroblagger.




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