Ben Oss an Beinn Dubhchraig number 66 and 67

25 09 2016

Finding Your Feet flag on Ben Oss

As I plodded through the boggy but beautiful pine wood, Peter’s words were ringing in my ears “its a bit of a walk in Bobby!”. It was, and as I cleared the pinewood, muddy and wet to my socks, I notice a couple of lads walking down towards me.

“Bobby!” one of them shouted. I looked up, screwing my eyes to put a name to the face. I couldn’t.

“I’m Ethan, Calum’s pal, he has just text me to tell me you were walking on Ben Oss today” A very nice coincidence, we stopped and chatted, two lovely boys.

“Next time, can you persuade Calum to get out onto the hills with you?” I asked them all to aware of his obsession with football and beer. Maybe one day?

A beautiful day, two stunningly contrasting hills to the previous two I’d done earlier in the week, and a detour on the way back took me to the gate at the Gold Mine and a lovely walk along the river Cononish in the evening sun finished the day.

I’ll let the pictures do the talking.






Until the next one…..




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