Glen Lyon, Meall nan Aighean the reluctant return #78

29 11 2017


It was a few months back that I made an unsuccessful attempt to complete the four munros which make up the Glen Lyon range. Completing only two of the four (Carn Gorm and Meall Garbh) I had planned on returning and reversing the clockwise rotation of the four, picking up Meall nan Aighean and Carn Mairg along the way and finishing the route.

It wasn’t to be. A combination of lethargy, poor fitness due to hill inactivity and heavy snow saw the successful avoidance of just one – Meall nan Aighean (also known as Creag Mhor).

Nonetheless, it was relatively enjoyable, only once did I sink waist high into snow and cursed the air with “why the fuck do I do this!?”. More a day for snow shoes (if your looking for a Xmas present Arlene) than crampons, I struggled to almost the top and took some pictures. Here they are.

I looked across to Carn Mairg. I wasn’t heading anywhere near it today. One would have to do.

I walked off. A clearing of the head and four hours of solitude had done the trick.

Oh and I stretched my old and rusty legs.


The Munroblagger

I’m doing this for

They’re great [people.



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