200 left – Beinn Udlamain & Sgairneach Mhor #81 and 82

9 06 2018


Having spent the day lifting site sizes for the natural ventilation proposals I have been working on for a few years now at Glenfiddich Distillery, I thought it might be just the opportunity to finish off the seven munros which straddle the A9 at Dalwinnie. With my rucksack, boots and poles now a regular feature in the Land Rover,  a clear sunny sky and hours of daylight left, I parked up at the side of the road and headed up these featureless lumps.

Sometimes life takes you by surprise. Lets face it most of the remarkable things in life take you by surprise otherwise they would simply be the humdrum, but today/tonight, I was pleasantly surprised. Not sure if it was the satisfaction of a good days work and being part of a project which fell outside the construction norm – everybody working together for a common solution to provide a building we could all be proud of – or if I had been buoyed by my recent experience on Bynack More with an amazing woman and lovely people with a common goal, or simply that the day was pouring glorious sunshine on my balding head and face and here I was enjoying the meditative solitude of the hills. Whatever it was, an amalgam of all three I’d guess, I have to say, I really enjoyed this day.

I have 200 more to do to finish my list. It’s a long way off at this rate I know, but it is at least a landmark. Sometimes we need them as a nod that we are “getting there”. My next landmark is the century, 100. Lets hope it comes around soon.

Till the next batch.


I am the Munroblagger. Follow me on Facebook too.



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