Almost getting to the top of the Buchaille via North Buttress

Munro:  “a Scottish mountain over 3000 ft”

Blag: “to obtain by deception”

Hello out there! I’m The Munro Blagger. Blagging is my game, not bagging.

My motivation is entirely twisted, I’m out to Blag all my Munros. There was a time when I was quite happy to “tick” any Munro I saw, just seeing it was enough. Not surprisingly this was frowned upon by fellow hillwalkers. I was reknowned as being a “not getting to the top kinda guy”.  A moniker I wore proudly.

So I’m thinking, ok lets take it a stage further, instead of just ticking five or six Munros which i can see from one summit, lets make a concerted effort to get out there and “not quite get to the summit” of every one.

So that’s what I’m gonna do.  Starting this week, I’m gonna go out and almost get to the top of every Munro. It may take some time, and almost certainly involve not getting to the top of a number of big featureless lumps, but hey, I’m up for it, and whats more I’m kinda looking forward to it! There are a number of mountains I’ve climbed on and never reached the summit, but as these were unintentional failed summit attempts, they wont be getting counted, and I will start from scratch. In particular, I am looking forward to getting halfway up the In Pin and turning back!

This is my challenge, this is my blog and this is where you can keep posted on my failed attempts.

Happy Munro Blagging!


2 responses

21 02 2015
Kristin Alexandra

Greetings, Munro Blagger! What a fun idea for a blog! Are you familiar with the Liebster Award? It’s a way of recognizing up-and-coming bloggers and commemorating great work. I just nominated your blog: http://livinghighonlife.com/2015/02/20/liebster-award/.

25 05 2015
Bobby Motherwell

I have not, I shall go check out. Thanks!

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